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doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation 

Every year, doTERRA processes millions of customer orders. Imagine the impact we could have if every person donated even just one dollar with their orders! When you and your team check the donation box at checkout, you’re supporting projects in doTERRA supply chain areas around the world.  

When we each give a little, we can help a lot. 

Donations to the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation in October, November, and December 2023 will help the community surrounding Nosy Be, Madagascar who use the Magnitory Health Clinic—including many of the farmers that grow ylang ylang for doTERRA Ylang Ylang essential oil. 

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Donation and Solicitation Disclosure Florida A COPY OF THE OFFICIAL REGISTRATION AND FINANCIAL INFORMATION MAY BE OBTAINED FROM THE DIVISION OF CONSUMER SERVICES BY CALLING TOLL-FREE (800-435-7352) WITHIN THE STATE [of Florida]. REGISTRATION DOES NOT IMPLY ENDORSEMENT, APPROVAL, OR RECOMMENDATION BY THE STATE. Registration #: CH48280. ILLINOIS CONTRACTS AND REPORTS REGARDING THE CHARITY ARE ON FILE WITH THE ILLINOIS ATTORNEY GENERAL. Maryland A copy of the current financial statement of the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation is available by writing 389 S 1300 W, Pleasant Grove UT 84062, or by calling (801) 437-7918. Documents and information submitted under the Maryland Solicitations Act are also available, for the cost of postage and copies, from the Maryland Secretary of State, State House, Annapolis MD 21401, (410) 974-5534. Michigan Registration # 55179 NEW JERSEY INFORMATION FILED WITH THE ATTORNEY GENERAL CONCERNING THIS CHARITABLE SOLICITATION AND THE PERCENTAGE OF CONTRIBUTIONS RECEIVED BY THE CHARITY DURING THE LAST REPORTING PERIOD THAT WERE DEDICATED TO THE CHARITABLE PURPOSE MAY BE OBTAINED FROM THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE STATE OF NEW JERSEY BY CALLING 973-504-6215 AND IS AVAILABLE ON THE INTERNET AT HTTP://WWW.NJCONSUMERAFFAIRS.GOV/. REGISTRATION WITH THE ATTORNEY GENERAL DOES NOT IMPLY ENDORSEMENT. North Carolina Financial information about this organization and a copy of its license are available from the State Solicitation Licensing Branch at 919-814-5400. The license is not an endorsement by the State. Virginia A Financial Statement is available upon request from the Office of Charitable and Regulatory Programs P.O. Box 1163, Richmond, Virginia 23218 Phone 804-786-1343. Washington doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation, a Utah Non-Profit Corporation, is registered with the State of Washington Secretary of State Corporations and Charities Division. For further information please contact the Secretary of State at 360-725-0378 or Power of One 100% of donations to the dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation® are always given to aid because dōTERRA International covers the operating costs of the foundation. Of the donations used to support a Power of One project, 100% is used to empower the individuals in Cō-Impact Sourcing® supply chain areas for the current project. Once the fundraising goal for a Power of One project has been met, dōTERRA Healing Hands® will distribute additional donations raised among other projects in need of funding until the following quarter when next Power of One fundraiser launches and fundraising for that project begins.

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United as one, we have created a powerful and lasting impact.

Meet Momody Dimitri

In the early morning of April 12, 2023, a work accident occurred. Mr. Momody Dimitri was washing a bottle in our distillery. Suddenly, the bottle burst between his two hands for some unknown reason. He badly injured the wrist of his left hand, and, in shock, he inadvertently cut an artery. Blood flowed out and he got post-traumatic tendonitis. Fortunately, the clinic was nearby, and we were able to provide emergency care right away. After the tourniquet, suturing of the wound and the first dressing, Momody began to feel comfortable again. So far, every two days he returns to the clinic to renew his dressing and his wound is now healing. Soon he will resume his professional activities as a distiller with us.

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Co-Impact Sourcing 

doTERRA sources more than 200 essential oils and other ingredients from over 45 countries. Co-Impact Sourcing helps doTERRA ethically source our products by working hand-in-hand with local communities. 

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The Pursuit 2022 Report

As doTERRA has grown these past 15 years, so has our potential to be an impactful force for good. We’ve always been committed to doing things differently in the pursuit of positive worldwide impact, and along the way we’ve had to recalibrate and reform.


The doTERRA story is still being written as we seek greater insight into our effect on the people we work with, better understanding of what happens in our supply chains, and lasting hope for a more sustainable future. 

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Build with Impact 

Today's consumers care more about corporate social responsibility than ever before. The information in the Impact Guide can help you build a more purpose-driven business that resonates with your customers.


With the Impact Guide, you don't have to choose between doing well in your business or doing good in the world. You can have it all.


The doTERRA Pursuit is our commitment to constant improvement, and we invite all our Wellness Advocates to join us on that journey. Together, we can become unstoppable forces for good as we keep learning, improving, and acting.

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